Business philosophy

ILJIN challenges endlessly for the convenience and happier future of our customers.

Total Solution Provider
for Tomorrow, ILJIN

In order to make ILJIN a respected company by customers and markets, all employees are preparing “a better tomorrow”.
ILJIN will not stop the challenge to secure the world’s best technology and to lead more promising technology for the future.

Management philosophy

Core values
Spirit to challenge frontiers / technology leadership / concern for people / pursuit of excellence / change & innovation
Key goals
To help mankind progress and become happier by making the best products and services based on a proactive attitude.


ActivenessOutstanding individuals with challenging mind, creative thinking and passion toward the Proactive : People with a dauntless spirit to challenge frontiers and think creatively People who have the passion to be the best in the world

  • Dauntless SpiritPeople with tireless passion
  • Creative thinkingPeople not bound by convention, but who seek new values and change
  • Essential qualities as a citizen of the worldPeople with a high level of morality and ethics, and a flexible way of thinking with regard to diversity
  • Pursuit of the best in the worldPeople able and willing to win in the age of unlimited cutthroat competition


Management policies
fostering talented people / new product development / reinforcing competitiveness