About the Cyber Audit Office

Management status

The Cyber Audit Office is a window for feedbacks and suggestions.
It is established online to practice the ethical management through the settlement of clear and fair company culture.
  1. Receive feedbacks ㆍsuggestions Anyone related to the customers, executives, employees and subcontractors can report their wrongful or irrational behaviors to the Cyber Audit Office. Also, one can submit feedbacks and suggestions regarding wrongful policies and traditions in terms of ethical management.
  2. Investigate (confirmation) Submitted contents will be investigated for fact-findings. The Cyber Audit Office has a system that keeps the accuser’s identity in confidential and in anonymous so that one can freely and safely report any contents.
  3. Process (check result) When reporting, one may choose to be anonymous, however, when complaint is submitted with name verification, one can check the result swiftly.

Reporting types

If you report any of the following in relation to ILJIN Group, we will handle and reply in a swift manner.
  • Bribery, unreasonable requests or bribe provision
  • Lobby with misuse and abuse direct rights
  • Unfair trade by school-networking or regionalism when selecting subcontractors
  • Suggestions on abolishment of unreasonable habitual practices
  • Unlawful and unreasonable use of company assets
  • Any other actions against code of ethics
  • Improper private partnering for business partners

Process procedures on the reported items and reporting methods

  • If the reported contents contain false information or is incorrect, it may not be taken into consideration. Please write out the contents of the accusation as accurately as possible according to the rule of five W’s and one H.
  • The details of all accusations are directly investigated by the Audit Office. The progress and result can be checked in the “Check Result” section.
  • For general inquiries related to ILJIN Group, please visit ‘Customer Inquiry’.
* For other inquiries, please contact the ILJIN Audit Office at 02-707-9853, 9745.