Company Introduction

ILJIN, creating happier future behind the scene

Industrial diamond, elecfoil for rechargeable battery, touch screen panel, seamless steel tube,
extra-high voltage cable and heavy electric machines, ultrasonic medical devices and LED
lighting that shines the world, we can encounter ILJIN’s technology at anytime, in any place of
our daily life.

ILJIN is the parts/material specialized company that represents Korea

Since its foundation in 1968, ILJIN has been promoting localization and has been pioneering the tough road of glorifying Korea with technology. It started to open the chapter in parts and material industries by developing high value-added products such as power distribution fitting, copper-clad steel wire, industrial diamond, PCB elecfoil independently which had been relying heaving on the import.
Due to high independence on import for core materials, despite its high export rate, Korean economy had its weaknesses. After apprehending the core problem, ILJIN started to break the existing wall and became the foundation of Korean industrial development and a role model. ILJIN, whom has been walking on a single path in solitude, is a true parts/material specialized company of Korea.

ILJIN’s technology based on venture spirit is expanding worldwide, beyond Korea

ILJIN has developed over 90% of its produced items independently. No one can beat ILJIN when it comes to devotion to technological advancement. ILJIN was the first in Korea to develop power distribution fitting technology, followed by the first ever production of copper-clad steel wire, industrial synthetic diamond, and elecfoil for printed circuit boards (PCB). In the world, ILJIN was the first to produce and develop projection liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. As it left its footprint on the path that no one has ever set a foot in, ILJIN has been guiding the high-technology industry.
As for the industrial diamonds, during its initial developmental stage, many multinational corporations held a large share in the global market and no one was dare to even try.
However, ILJIN was not afraid to be held in check and succeeded in developing and manufacturing industrial diamonds. Its pioneering spirit has placed ILJIN as the third top industrial diamond corporation in the world.
For the past half century, ILJIN only focused on manufacturing parts and materials. Parts and material industry is the weakest area in Korea. Eventually, ILJIN got its nickname of ‘pioneering venture company.’ When everyone is asleep, at ILJIN’s 8 research centers, over 100 research manpower are spending sleepless nights in order to develop technology that can open up a whole new world.

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