Electrical infrastructures

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From electrical infrastructure such as development, high voltage
transmission and transformation of electricity, electrical supply to its construction.
ILJIN is growing everyday in global comprehensive heavy electric machinery.

  • ILJIN Electric

    Global comprehensive heavy electric machinery corporation

    Since its establishment in 1968, ILJIN Electric as the parent company of ILJIN Group expanded from non-metal business into an electric, material specialized company which industries form the basis of Korea. ILJIN Electric specializes in the overall basic industry such as high voltage electric cables, Cu wire and aluminum alloys, extra high voltage transformer and blocker and electrical devices for power distribution.

    In 2007, it merged ILJIN Heavy Industries and created synergy among affiliates. It now plans to focus its attention on Electric EPC (Engineering Procurement, Construction) Project that offers power transmission substation and power station technology and services to Turnkey. ILJIN Electric will enter Europe, North America, the Middle East and emerging markets and grow into a global comprehensive heavy electric company that provides stable electrical supply and leads the development of communication industry.

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