Innovation Story

ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, New Business Department HIFU Team, Chief Engineer Kang, Kook Jin

The story of dignity and happiness made by medical innovation

ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, New Business Department HIFU Team, Chief Engineer Kang, Kook Jin

From the diagnostic ultrasound to the therapeutic ultrasound! From the removal of tumor to the protection of a patient’s dignity! All about ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS’ medical innovative story from Chief Kang, Kook Jin

ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS export diagnostic ultrasounds to over 60 countries worldwide and make over 80% of its profit from oversea sales. Recently, ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS develops therapeutic ultrasound(HIFU) system that removes uterine fibroids and tumors by using ultrasonic waves and successfully conducted final clinical test, acquiring KFDA as well.
Therapeutic ultrasound(HIFU) systems are difficult to develop and therefore hard to be commercialized globally. With our development, the Korea’s first HIFU treatment device is almost to be launched globally with 100% Korean technology. ILJIN’s business philosophies, ‘technology for humanity’ and ‘challenge and innovation of extreme technology’ are reflected once again.
The Chief engineer Kook Jin Kang from HIFU Team, New Business Department of ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS states “we develop medical devices which can provide treatment solution to cancer patients and can enhance their life. I feel much rewarded since it is an important work for the country and society.” In below, Kook Jin shares the story of ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS’ Ultrasonic R&D Center and innovation.

What does HIFU stand for?

‘HIFU’ is abbreviation of ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’. This is the core technology of the therapeutic ultrasound(HIFU) system. Just like burning paper by focusing light with a magnifying lens, this technology focuses high intensity ultrasonic wave to create heat and burns tumors.

What are the characteristics of ultrasonic treatment?

When one has a tumor, the most common treatment methods are radiotherapy and surgery. However, radiotherapy can harm the patient’s body, so it can’t be used repeatedly for a long period of time. As for the surgery, it can leave scars. On the other hand, ultrasonic waves are harmless so it has an advantage of repeatable application for a long period of time.

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For what type of diseases can it be used?

At the moment, the limit of ultrasonic wave treatment is that the ultrasonic wave cannot go through the bones. Therefore, it will be initially used to treat tumors that are not covered under bones such as uterine fibroids, breast cancers, and pancreatic cancers.

How will it affect our lives?

HIFU treatment method has many advantages. First of all, it is a non-invasive treatment which does not cut our body with knives. Therefore, it is less painful with lower procedure risks. The procedure is very simple which does not require patients to stay overnight in the hospital for treatment. It can be applied repeatedly and also its effect can be checked in real-time.
In my opinion, the biggest ‘change’ this treatment method will bring is that it will save a patient’s ‘womanhood’ and ‘dignity’. HIFU will mainly be used to treat feminine diseases such as uterine fibroids and breast cancers for the above mentioned reasons. This will treat diseases without harming the uterus or breasts.

What is the future like in your imagination?

Patients with tumors are increasing in number due to unhealthy diet, environmental pollution, stress and irregular lifestyles. The number will continue to grow. HIFU can replace the existing treatment methods and treat tumors in a non-invasive way so I believe it can improve the quality of life greatly in the future.