Material industry is the foundation of
parts and finished products and it is the first step
towards producing the top-quality.

In order to raise competitiveness of basic materials which is the core of a nation’s competitiveness,
ILJIN has devoted itself to the fullest in the last 50 years.

  • ILJIN Materials

    Pride that moves the electronic industry


    Since its establishment, ILJIN Materials has focused on the manufacture of Elecfoil, the key part of electronic devices. With the rise of rechargeable battery industry, ILJIN Material reached its turning point. In 2002, Elecfoil was selected as the core part of negative current collector in 5 core parts of secondary battery. Ever since then, elecfoil manufacturing for secondary battery increased greatly and resulted a large increase in sales.

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  • ILJIN Diamond

    Global leader of high-tech material industry


    In 1987, ILJIN Diamond developed industrial diamond for the first time with Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) through industry-university cooperation. It is maintaining its position as the top three industrial diamond manufacturer in the world with its differentiated technology such as detailed new material development.

    In the 1990s, ILJIN began its market entry in earnest and achieved rapid growth. With its global sales marketing infrastructure based in Europe, Japan, North America and China, it is creating new high added value markets as it expands into automobile, aircraft, energy, semi-conductor industries on top of its traditional market such as construction and machinery. Along with high tech new material development for extremely detailed, difficult-to-cut material manufacture, ILJIN Diamond has entered semi-tool industry such as diamond wire and focuses on new product development for oil and gas industry entry.

    In 2007, ILJIIN Diamond was selected as the world class product certified enterprise and in 2011, ILJIN Diamond won Industrial Technology Promotion Contributor Award. In 2012, ILJIN Diamond was chosen as “World Class 300” by Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Based on its extreme technology which has been accumulated for the past 20 years, ILJIN endeavors to secure its position as the global leader in high tech material through the gentrification and diversification strategy of technology and product.

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  • Sapphire DivisionILJIN Display

    From sapphire ingots to wafers