ILJIN STORY 01Integrated synergy of ILJIN technology that brightens Korean peninsula

We look forward to having an integrated synergy of ILJIN technology to blossom in united, single Korean peninsula.


We constantly seek for better quality of life and ‘better’ way to live. As a result, we can enjoy more comfortable life with high technology and smart goods which were invented in a rapid manner. We wouldn’t have been able to continue the development and have endless possibility about future, if it weren’t for the stable infrastructure of Korea that functioned as a strong basis. ILJIN Electric (which contributed to the foundation of national business by successfully developing domestic technology in fields such as heavy electric, communication, and wire) and Samyoung Global (which contributed to the development of domestic/global general construction by utilizing competitive technologies in facilities of civil engineering, architecture, and electricity) have been sharing the major stream of development in Korea, and are now expecting to have united Korea with integrated synergy that will blossom from it.


Unified Korea, a dream for a technology that brings everyone together

The night view of Korea seen from the satellite is extremely contrasting. Unlike North Korea which stays silent and displays complete darkness, South Korea boast its flashy nightlife with glittering lights; this once again underlies the fact that Korea is the only country left divided around the globe. Korea has been repeatedly developing in a rapid manner and building advanced infrastructure. The sequence of forming cities by building roads and structures has made the technical skills of Korea expand the site for overseas infrastructure. Moreover, civil engineering and architectural technical skills of Samyoung Global achieved recognition on its competitiveness and are now expanding worldwide. Furthermore, we light up Korea by providing convenient daily life with stable electric power supply system: pushing on a switch brightens the interior, and pressing on a button operates electric goods. The electricity that benefits our lives is produced as high quality electric power from dams, nuclear power plant, thermoelectric power plant, and later transmitted to many transformer substations. Outstanding wire production technology of ILJIN Electric helps high-tension electricity to be stably transmitted, and lead the supply of electric power all over the society. Wire production technology of ILJIN Electric that uses electric spiral with 99% pure copper which is twisted several times to fit each case, encompasses significant base facilities of society such as communication, heavy electric, industrial equipments, and functions as vital artery of Korea. After the transmission to the transformer substations through high quality wire, the electric power operates our everyday lives in homes, offices, factories, and flows with us for the better future.

Just like a wire that runs and brightens South Korea, we hope for the day when the technology of ILJIN can reach entire peninsula of Korea that is no longer divided, and eventually form a single united land that is warm and bright.


ILJIN STORY 02Chronoscopic technological integration of ILJIN, SMART MOBILE LIFE

ILJIN’s core material production technology participates in passionate mobile industry that leads cutting-edge mobile technology.


Starting from ‘a pager and 2G cell phone’ as means of connecting people, current ‘LTE smart phone and tablet PC’ became the most important necessity for modern people by realizing the global networking and smart life. Human desire for convenience and smart life went further than simple actions like pressing button or touching, and now came as far as affecting individuals’ life in a very intimate way by opening up an era of ‘Wearable technology.’ Behind this rapid development of mobile and IT technology, touch screen panel that recognizes touch and operates the equipment and the secondary battery functions as core technology. The production technology of touch screen panel of ILJIN Display is receiving attention as vital capability that lead mobile and IT technology of the next generation.


“Touch of emotion” opens your heart; “touch of hope” opens the future

Modern people touch tens, and hundreds of times within a day through using their mobile, IT instruments, and wearable equipments that became a near future. The significance of the touch screen technology that is completed by our fingertips is very high, considering how it penetrates present and future. The exquisite touch screen panel technology of ILJIN Display makes good use of the method of capacitance, which is also worldwide major technology, and contributes toward the production of high quality touch screen. The method of capacitance, although invisible to human eyes, refers to the ability to quickly sense and respond to the pressure when human body makes contact to the subtle sensors that forms X axis and Y axis in touch screen. Touch screen produced by ILJIN Display, as core technology to decide high quality touch screens, leads global smart mobile life by standing preeminent in its competitive power regarding touch screen panel production technology.

In the field of mobile industry where a fierce competition for smaller and lighter technology is taking place worldwide, ILJIN group will use its strong and steady technology in developing mobile equipments to preserve the name-value of Korea as a leading country of mobile technology, and further maintain its fame as a company that specializes in developing component resources.


ILJIN STORY 03The pride of domestic technology that brightens tough and deep sea of oilfield

In the midst of resource development site for better energy, pure technology of ILJIN spreads its wings.


Two of the most important and indispensable resources in modern society are oil and gas. To obtain precious energy that maintains our lives, the mining work is still going on under thousands of meters beneath the ocean level. ILJIN Diamond and ILJIN Steel share their technology in passionate shop floor of energy production where diamonds are used to drill strong rocks that lie deep under the water, and where the sleek steel tubes without a joint are used to pull up resources.


Alternative power of diamond that shines in the ocean

It seems quite unfamiliar to picture a diamond powerfully drilling through the ocean floor. It is common to think of diamond as the most lofty and pure, expensive jewel, which is used as a token of unshakable love. Yet, as the strongest metallic minerals existing in the world, its use varies from drilling, paring, cutting, and smoothing. For this reason, the original and unique technology of ILJIN Diamond, which reproduces ‘industrial diamonds’ instead of expensive and rare gemstones by using high heat and high pressure on graphite, boasts its usefulness in many industrial settings. Industrial diamond attached at the tip of the drill that is used for digging rocks under the deep sea to mine resources such as oil and gas, especially plays a big role in drilling operation thanks to its effective resistance on strong frictions. ILJIN Diamond’s production technology for industrial diamond is the pride of ILJIN that was achieved purely by domestic technology, and it prove its real merits in the overseas working face for underground resources.

Tenacity overcoming the limit, Seamless Tube

After the excavation is processed to certain depth by using industrial diamonds, the operation to pull up the resources is executed. This is when the ‘Seamless Tube’ made by ILJIN Steel comes in handy. Seamless tube differs from conventional steel tube production technology in its jointless characteristics. It was made by caving the center of heated steel tube, and now drawing attentions in mining work fields, since seamless tubes have higher resistance for extreme conditions such as high heat and high pressure than the steel tubes with joints caused by welding. Moreover, successful development of seamless tube by ILJIN Steel allowed us to replace certain imported materials that cost around 2 trillion won per year: another opportunity for ILJIN Steel to leap further up.

With many concerning voices regarding the depletion of resources, attempts for better energy development continue endlessly. ILJIN Diamond and ILJIN Steel will put the best effort in energy development until new energy source such as shale gas and oil reveals itself to better serve our lives.


ILJIN STORY 04The future of high efficiency light green energy, led by ILJIN

When eco-friendly energy optical semiconductor LED meets ILJIN’s outstanding technology, precious lights to protect the earth is regenerated.


Within the providence nature where light and darkness co-exist, we were able to lighten our lives thanks to the hopes we had toward bright future. This hope now faces toward another innovative world of light. It is the optical semiconductor LED, which begins to make a mark as a promising field of green energy. ILJIN LED and ILJIN Display embody the core technology of LED production to activate the popularization of LED, with LumiRich that makes the complete lighting products. ILJIN is stepping closer to the public by using the LED technology.


New definition for light, LED

An incandescent bulb uses the power of filament to light up, while fluorescent bulb has been used until now thanks to its power consumption level. However, LED is rising as future light to continue on the history of lightings with its lifespan that is 5 years longer than the fluorescent bulb and extraordinary power reduction effect. LED is considered to lead the green growth, since it emits less carbon dioxide, and no toxic substances such as lead or mercury are discharged. Many countries all over the globe, including Korea, are implementing eco-friendly policies to substitute existing lightings with LED, which forecasts the boom of LED industry. In keeping pace with this trend, ILJIN contributes in the growth of LED industry with global competitiveness by successfully achieving vertical systemization which increases the possibility of realizing high efficiency LED technology.

The technology of ILJIN that produces high quality LED starts from manufacturing Sapphire Wafer by ILJIN Display. Sapphire Wafer is a thin cylindrical piece of ingot which is a crystal-shaped lump of aluminum oxide, cut into a size of 2”~6”. It is the fundamental material for LED production, on which the technology of ILJIN LED adds luminous substances. Coating luminous materials on to the sapphire wafer with high heat generates Epiwafer, which is essential in determining the efficiency level of LED. It is the small pieces of this epiwafer that become LED chips. With the technology of LumiRich that packages these chips into complete products according to the proper place used such as electronic display, headlight of a car, electronic goods, we are finally able to come into contact with these chips in our daily lives in a way that is familiar to us.

Just like the principle behind the LED production that transforms most of the electronic nature into light energy, LED is becoming more and more familiar to us by pouring out every small bit of generated energy in a safe, economical way. ILJIN LED’s technology will brighten the world toward healthier and better lighting.


ILJIN STORY 05From Acoustic To Therapeutic -Innovation of Ultrasound technology

The technology of ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS that overcomes the technological limitation by successfully developing clinical HIFU unit for the first time in Korea, it is a step toward a happy change of world.


Living in a world with rapid changes, the health of modern people who are oppressed by the weight of life stands out as a very important issue. For this reason, the field of health care expands its territory going beyond simple medical industry with desire for healthier life. Among these new technologies, the ultrasound technology of ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS overcomes the technical limitation and improves the quality of life by not only providing diagnosis, but also actually offering the treatment for the disease.


Splendid feat in ultrasound technology, therapeutic ultrasound (HIFU) for tumor treatment

The diagnostic ultrasound technology visualizes internal human body structures by transmitting and reflecting ultrasound. This technology plays a significant role in modern medical fields such as ob/gyn, internal medicine, orthopedics and more. An outstanding diagnostic ultrasound technology owned by ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, a specialized company for ultrasound, contributes in medical industry with its high competitiveness bearing comparison both with domestic and global markets. And now, the ultrasound technology of ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS takes another step forward and leading its way in the field of ultrasound technology by successfully developing a therapeutic ultrasound system– HIFU - that can eliminates tumor cells for uterine fibroids without causing skin damages or incisions that harm human body.

HIFU operates in a similar fashion with kindling a fire using a magnifying glass; the core technology is the accumulation of ultrasound energy on the tumor cells. As a treatment method which maximizes the advantage of ultrasound that causes the least harm to human body, allowing safe and non-invasive treatment, the biggest merit is the rapid recovery and return to daily life after the treatment.

ALPINION successfully launched the first clinical HIFU system ‘ALPIUS 900’ in December, 2014 and will gradually expand its applicable fields starting from uterine fibroids. ALPIUS 900 will bring hope to more patients and ultrasound technology of ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS will always be at the center of changes which allow us to be care-free from diseases.